Fixes for Travis CI for bioperl-live

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Fixes for Travis CI for bioperl-live

Zakariyya Mughal
Hello all,

I was attempting make some patches to BioPerl and noticed that Travis CI
was not passing all its builds. So I made some pull requests to fix

 - Fix test RemoteDB/Taxonomy.t: requires networking
   One of the tests in `RemoteDB/Taxonomy.t` was marked as requiring
   network access. It failed on build configurations that do not have
   `LWP::Protocol::https`. This marks it as requiring network access.

 - Travis CI: Add Test::Most dependency

   One of the build configurations did not have Test::Most installed, so
   this explicitly installs it.

I also made these additional fixes:

 - Add a test for PrositeScan

 - Documentation fixes for PrositeScan

- Zakariyya Mughal
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