Google Summer of Code 2015, call for project idea and mentors.

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Google Summer of Code 2015, call for project idea and mentors.

Raoul J P Bonnal
Hi All

We have LESS than a week to submit the application for the Google Summer of Code 2015, and complete the application.

20 February:

19:00 UTC

Mentoring organization application deadline.

23 - 27 February:

Google program administrators review organization applications.

2 March:

19:00 UTC

List of accepted mentoring organizations published on the Google Summer of Code 2015 site.

OBF is going to apply to be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of
Code 2015. To make the ideas list more digestible for Google's reviewers,
we consolidated all of the Bio* projects' ideas into a single page on the
OBF wiki:

Me (Raoul J.P. Bonnal) and Francesco Strozzi are the OrgAdmin, thanks to the OBF Board.

We encourage each mentor of an affiliated sub-project to fill in/add project
to the above page. Please report directly to me([hidden email]) your availability as a mentor
for this year. Student from past years can mentor and propose an idea, if supported by
their community.

Any other communication related to OBF and GSoC must use  [hidden email]
Subscribe here:

Last year we introduced the Cross Projects, i.e.
those involving two or more programming languages or Bio* project
communities and/or can be useful to many languages
( web APIs reusable from any language ). The first 2015 cross project
is and you can find the proposal here:

This page is the one we listed in our application. It is separate from the
OBF wiki page for general GSoC information:

If OBF is accepted for GSoC 2015, it would make sense to point each Bio*
project's GSoC wiki page to this one, instead of duplicating the content.

As another way to interact with potential students, we've created a Google
Plus page for OBF:

And a G+ community for OBF's GSoC activities:

Feel free to forward this message to your colleagues or other possible orgs that want to join us.

Thanks to Eric Talevich, the GSoC 2014 main OrgAdmin, he did a great work and provide a lot of docs and useful hints.

Best regards,
Raoul & Francesco
OBF GSoC 2015 Org Admins
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