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WP_ Accession Protein records

Warren Gallin
I've been working on scripts that update a small database that I maintain from a selection or records in GENBANK.

I've encountered a problem and am wondering if anyone can suggest a work-around.

I am finding that the protein records that have been replaced by reference to a single entry in the WP_ series accessions in RefSeq have been annotated as removed, rather than replaced.

The result is that when I use a gi number from one of the original (pre-consolidation) entries to recover a record using Bio::DB::Eutilities tools to return a Document Summary I get a record that has the status listed as dead, rather than Replaced by WP_XXXXX.

In the on-line web interface, however, the search has a redirection to the appropriate WP_XXXXX record.

An example is gi number 71065499.

So my question is, is there a Feature other than status in the Document Summary record that gives forwarding information for records replaced by WP_XXXX series records?

Warren Gallin

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